Prints are all giclee reproductions and are available in different sizes, finishes and products. “Giclee” refers to a high resolution digital printing process using an inkjet printer, which sprays the ink onto the paper, canvas, or other material to reproduce high-quality art prints. The new "painterly border" is available for select images. All prints come with an artist biography, and Limited Edition prints include a Certificate of Authenticity. Prints and products are Made in America.


“Painterly Border” - the painterly border is a new abstract border addition to the original artwork, giving it a three-dimensional quality, extending the vision and adding meaning through color, movement and atmosphere. The border enhances the realism with a sense of illusion and an ethereal quality. Each border is totally unique to the painting.

Deluxe Print - this reproduction of the original painting is printed on archival paper, then surrounded by two white core, ph neutral mat boards. The finished size is 14”x18” and ready for a standard 14”x18” frame.

Deluxe Painterly Print - this is a one-of-a-kind Deluxe Print. The top matboard is printed with an abstract border complimenting the artwork. Available finished sizes are 11”x14” and 14”x18”. This unique print is sold exclusively through Begley Art.

Lattice Frame Print - the artwork is printed on wood, and the sides and top are specially designed and cut in a lattice work that compliments the art. The “Lattice Frame” is approximately 12”x16” and ready to hang on a wall or place on a table top stand for table/shelf viewing. This is a one-of-a-kind product sold exclusively through Begley Art.

Framed Painterly Print - the artwork is reproduced on fine art textured watercolor paper. The edges of the paper are torn and the paper floats over a background complimentary color matboard, spaced from the border for relief and surrounded by two matboards. The top matboard is a “painterly border” unique to the artwork. The piece is then framed with shatter-resistant plexiglass and ready to hang at a finished size of 12”x16”. It is a one-of-a-kind product sold exclusively through Begley Art.

“Infinity Frame” - this is a unique and beautifully framed canvas reproduction with a 2-inch “painterly border” printed on MDF board ( medium density fiberboard wood) with a linen liner, framed for ready hanging at a finished size of 16”x20”. This is the ultimate product that sets off the “infinity” three dimensionality of the artwork, and is exclusively sold through Begley Art.

Giclee Wrap - the image is printed using archival ink on a canvas that is stretched over 1.5” wood stretcher bars, carrying the image over the sides, creating a finished look without using a frame. The Giclee Wrap comes in a standard 16”x20” size, unless the artwork is more horizontal, yielding a 12”x24” finished size. The Giclee Wrap is a Limited Edition of 295 reproductions.

Framed Canvas - the image is printed using archival ink on canvas and comes stretched and framed, ready to hang at a finished size of 16”x20” (horizontal artwork is 12”x24”) and is a Limited Edition of 195 reproductions.

Limited Edition - is a valued, specified number of reproduction prints determined by the artist, usually numbered to indicate the individual piece, for example 3/195 meaning the third print of only 195 to be printed.

Certificate of Authenticity - is a credential documenting the authenticity of the reproductions as coming from the original and approved by the artist. It also serves as verification of the specified number of the print from the Limited Edition.

Watermark - is an extra design or mark ( in this instance “") used to brand the image on a website in order to prevent illegal copying. Watermarks will NOT appear on products or prints when purchased.