Since 2011, Rosemary has been focusing her Disney work on the magnificence, magic and beauty of Theme Park and Cruise Line scenes. The majesty and splendor of the Cinderella Castle, or vibrancy of Prince Charming’s Regal Carrousel, along with a deep, lifelong appreciation of Disney musicals that began with “Mary Poppins” when she was 9 years old, all combine to inspire her paintings of scenes we see and love at Disney.

Growing up in the heart of NYC and Long Island’s seashore and countryside, Rosemary’s interests in painting range from architectural structures to beaches, sunsets and wildlife.

“Painting is the unveiling of a story realized in the composition, colors and process of completing the work. An inspiration of beauty can lead to a finished painting that captures a significance beyond what was initially envisioned, where reflection and interpretation open the door to discovery and meaning”.

Introducing the “Painterly Border”

Enjoy a new abstract border addition to the original artwork, giving it a three-dimensional and ethereal quality, enhancing the realism with a sense of illusion, and extending the vision through color, movement and atmosphere. Each border is totally unique to the painting. First introduced at Epcot’s International Festival of the Arts 2021, the painterly border is now becoming available with Rosemary’s collection of non-Disney art beginning with “Quiet Moment”, "Ashore", "Motion", “Progression”, “Mindful”, “Notice”, “Engaging”, "At The Pond", "Spring", "Autumn", and "Shine". And more paintings will be introduced soon!

Special Note: *Sizes vary depending on the original size of the canvas painting. Many measurements are based on a 16"x20" original canvas size; however, other sizes of canvas paintings yield different size images . Original art that is 8"x10" or 16"x20" yields a 16"x20" reproduction image size for a Giclee Wrap, Framed Giclee and Infinity Frame; 10"x20" and 12"x24" yields a 10"x20" image; 11"x14" yields a 15.5x20" image; 18"x24" yields a 15"x20" image; 20"x24" and 22"x28" yields a 15.75"x20" image; 24"x24" yields a 18"x18" image; 24"x36" yields a 13.25"x20" image; 20"x30" yields a 13.33"x20" image. Overall finished dimensions of the Framed Giclee and Infinity Frame are determined by adding the width of the liner, mat, and frame to the image size. See "Product Information" for additional information.

Print Mounting Options

Deluxe Print

This reproduction of the original painting is printed, then surrounded by two white core, ph neutral mat boards. The finished size is 14”x18” and ready for a standard 14”x18” frame.

Giclee Wrap

The image is printed on a canvas that is stretched over 1.5” wood stretcher bars, carrying the image over the sides, creating a finished look without using a frame. Refer to Product Information for finished size. The Giclee Wrap is a Limited Edition of 295 reproductions.

Framed Canvas Giclee

The image is printed on canvas and then framed with a white linen liner. Refer to Product Information for finished size. The Framed Canvas Giclee is a Limited Edition of 195 reproductions.


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